Aluminum & Steel Wheels

Aluminum wheels have perhaps the highest visibility of any part of the car except the body finish. With hues ranging from a simple clear coat to flamboyant body colors and bright metallics, even the slightest imperfection triggers an automatic and expensive quality rejection.

Nutro, with extensive research and detailed planning has enabled wheel manufacturers to demonstrate the capability of monitoring and controlling quality and thus meet the rigid specifications of their OEM and Aftermarket customers.

Over 40 Nutro COE lines and Pretreatment Units are spraying liquid and powder coatings onto aluminum & steel wheel manufacturing facilities. In the last five years Nutro has become the leader when it comes to supplying Robotic Chain on Edge Systems for applying PVD to aluminum wheels with 7 lines running up to 120 wheels per hour.

If you are considering an investment in wheel coating system and or PVD system please contact us.