Pipe Coating

Nutro’s Pipe and Tube Water Base Coating Lines have distinct advantages:


Can run at speeds of up to 600 feet per minute


Coolac® Spray booths offer 80% transfer efficiency resulting in substantial savings in $ spent on paint and a reduction in VOC emissions. More information can be found on our RESOURCES Page.

Clog Reduction

Designed with auto purge cycles to reduce gun/tip clogging


Proprietary Hi Pressure Pipe Washers remove loose scale and dirt assuring a clean dry surface. More Information can be found on our RESOURCES Page

Diameter Recognition

Advance Pipe diameter recognition so guns can be automatically triggered on and off and Coating Booth can be moved up and down to get pipe centered within spray gun ring.


Choice of Curing Methods including Induction, UV, Gas Convection, and IR.

Venjakob GmbH with over 50 worldwide installations, offers the best solutions for UV Pipe and Tube coating.