For literally decades, Nutro has supplied the industry standard when it comes to spray gun oscillators and reciprocators. Nutro is a leader in designing and manufacturing gun movers used in a wide variety of liquid and powder coating applications. Designed for paint systems, Nutro reciprocators are recognized as the industry standard.

Nutro Gunmovers come in a variety of types including vertical, horizontal, and 3 axis. Nutro gunmovers are lower cost than robots and offer superior performance for high production and or large part finishing operations. Nutro’s Multi-Axis Servo Driven Reciprocators , unlike an off-the-shelf robot , can coat parts that require contouring and intricate path profiles.

The Nutro design is completely customizable for the exact number of axis of motion required, and the reciprocators can be supplied in automated in/out positioners to allow line tracking or where even larger size work envelopes are needed. This hybrid design handles applying paint to surfaces quickly with the reciprocators while the robots are used for areas more difficult to reach.

Our Gunmovers, Reciprocators, and Oscillators can be found in appliance plants, furniture manufacturers, automotive exterior finishing, and architectural extrusion plants around the globe.