Spray Booths

A well designed spray booth permits high transfer efficiency, provides reclaim over sprayed material, is easy to clean, and built to last. These are qualities that Nutro has been building into spray booths for years.

Nutro spray booths come with a host of maintenance features such as removable access panels, sloped floors, quick electrical disconnects, and easy to operate supply manifold help guard against downtime and make cleanup and maintenance easier to perform.

The spray booth is at the heart of any operation because it performs several critical functions:


It provides containment and capture of overspray preventing operator exposure to contamination.

Cost Savings

It facilitates the reclaim of overspray, allowing the user to reconstitute the material and feed it back into the spray system.


The booth supports a high yield of acceptable product by keeping the spray area clean and the spray equipment free of overspray buildup.


The booth eliminates particulates from the exhaust airstream, enabling the facility to meet EPA air emissions standards.

All of these factors combined are cause for constant examination and evaluation of spray booth efficiencies.