Mission Statement

Mission Statement

In an industry facing changing economic and environmental pressures, we are committed to providing innovative, cost effective, environmentally sound, quality solutions to our customer’s Coating Automation needs- by virtue of our predesigned system modules, engineering experience, manufacturing resources, process testing capabilities, and project management skills.

By focusing on the needs of our customers, combined with team work and establishing long term partnerships with our customers and vendors, we will secure and maintain a position of technological leadership in the field of coating process automation.

We are determined to help our customers realize valuable returns on their investments and to provide a challenging and secure future for our employees.

Nutro has developed a proven process for determining needs, and applying the best available technology for each application. Nutro has a proven track record for designing and building a finishing system that meets each customer’s uniqe specifications.

Nutro solutions apply proven technologies to flexible, reliable, high-output glazing systems. A 52,000 square foot design and manufacturing facility means Nutro can provide turnkey systems development, manufacturing, and testing.

The Nutro design, including our exclusive EZGlide linear bearing support system, provides exceptional operating life, durability and easy maintenance to minimize downtime.

Photohelic gauges sense the performance of the booth and can electronically signal adjustments to pumps and motors in order to maintain a stable booth environment throughout production.

Nutro spray booths employ permanent filtering systems. Dry baffles, dry reclaim cartridges, centrifugal wet air scrubbers, or integral wet eliminators are used singly or in combination to deliver the best performance for each application.