Ceramic Sanitary Fixtures

Nutro Sanitary Glazing Systems can be found in over 50 Plants throughout the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. Our customers include Kohler, Toto, Sanimex, Mansfield Plumbing, and Roco.

Key Features of Nutro Chain on Edge Glaze Systems

Easily designed for your capacity requirement. Lines for 200-400 Bowl/Tanks per hour have multiple spray booths with multiple spray stations. Lines for 120 Bowls per hour can be shrunk in size with fewer booths with fewer spray stations.

Stainless Steel Water Wash Booths have strip baffles that collect glaze overspray and direct it to a reclaim trough. The booths have a venturi-design which creates an efficient water scrubbing system to remove glaze particles from the air stream preventing glaze from entering the booth exhaust stack.

Multiple fixed guns can be mounted at each spray station. Horizontal and Vertical telescoping guns ensure complete glaze coverage on bowl sides, tank banks, and traps.