Robot Finishing & Material Handling

Nutro builds virtually hands-off systems from beginning to end. Including robotic unloading of each pallet of parts and a vision system that guides the loading of each part spindle. An example of one of our systems is an outstanding capacity of 300 parts per hour which includes pallet unloading, induction heating, twin robotic spray with Fanuc PaintMate, inspection, drying, unloading and spindle cleaning for low maintenance. In its entirety, the system occupies a minimal amount of plant floor space and requires operators to only supervise the process. Each part is preloaded into the system’s programmed controller and can be immediately recalled.

The rotor coating system is a perfect example of the combination of Nutro’s mechanical and electrical engineering ability, combining robotics for material handling and spray painting with an electronic vision system. The result is a lean design which minimizes the labor required to paint parts which must be produced as cost efficiently as possible.

Programmable gun positioning with a robot assures repeatability and flexibility unachievable with fixed guns.

The following design parameters are achieved using a robot:

Process Control

Programmable controls of the painting parameters including fluid pressure, fan spray pattern, atomizing air, and distance from spray gun to rotor.


Labor reduction and increased throughput.


High quality parts with minimal variation are consistently produced.


With six-axis flexibility and advanced control software that automatically recognizes any of the three robots being processed, complex contouring is easily achievable.

Cost Savings

Costs are reduced by minimizing overspray, decreasing reject rates and eliminating many operator- related issues.


Operators are removed from the spray booth environment, reducing health and safety issues.

If you are looking to add robotic spray or load/unload cells please contact us.