The Nutro Inc. Company

Founded in Germany in 1953, Nutro acquired the Schweitzer Equipment Company in 1980 and changed the name to Nutro Machinery. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the 40-year-old Schweitzer firm was a recognized supplier of gun movers, conveyers, ceramic glazing equipment and products for paint finishing.

Nutro expanded the Schweitzer Equipment offering to become a diversified manufacturer of paint and ceramic glaze spray systems. The company moved to its current Strongsville, Ohio manufacturing facility in 1986, enlarging the plant to more than 50,000 square feet in 1995.     

In 1997, the company changed its name to Nutro Corporation to reflect the fact that its business had evolved to providing much more than just machinery. Other products and services, and process development, and testing were now important parts of Nutro’s overall capabilities.

Today Venjakob and Nutro are proud to announce their partnership. Venjakob has been a family operated business since its founding in 1963. With operations in Germany, Spain, Canada, China, and now the United States, Venjakob is well positioned to serve customers with a staff of more than 380 employees worldwide.

Together, Nutro and Venjakob complement each other’s product lines but share some very common principles; top quality custom engineering, world class construction, service, and support. Both companies excel at solving problems and eliminating the risk of complex finishing applications.