Installation and Training

Training courses in mechanical engineering for maximum efficiency

Virtually all Nutro’s engineered projects include installation or Supervision of the Installation process by Nutro engineers and technicians. The reason is simple: no matter how careful the design and precise the execution, there are always a few unexpected changes that surface when the system is being installed.  

Pre- Installation

Systems are pre-installed and mechanically tested on Nutro’s factory floor prior to shipping. This service allows your installation and maintenance teams to inspect the assembled equipment before it is packaged and shipped.  

The system is then operated and analyzed to ensure optimum performance. This procedure allows any adjustments or modifications to be made at the factory- not at the customer site- and helps to ensure a trouble-free final installation.  

The Pre- Installation process is as follows:  

  • Mechanical and electrical assembly of the system 
  • Assembly of the pneumatic system 
  • Assembly of water supply lines 
  • Assembly of gas supply lines 
  • Testing and verification of control systems 
  • System run-off 
  • Testing of automated parts handling systems  
  • Preparing the system for shipment 

Installation On Site 

Installations can be performed 1 of 2 ways: By Nutro technicians or by the customers own technicians.  

Nutro technicians- Installation team is selected from the staff that designed and built the system on Nutro’s plant floor.  

Where possible, the installation team is selected from the staff that designed and built the system on Nutro’s plant floor.  

Customer technicians- Installation performed by the customers own technicians under the supervision of a Nutro engineer or Project Coordinator.  

Installation supervision provides a cost- efficient alternative for customers with the resources and time to install the system themselves. With this option, a hands-on-installation supervisors- usually a technician or engineer involved in manufacturing the system- can be on site to oversee the process. This helps avoid costly mistakes and protects the Nutro warranty during installation.  

Speedy timeframe- The time required for installation may range from less than a week to several months, depending on several factors. These include: the size and complexity of the system, the extent to which components can be shipped pre- assembled, and other working conditions in the plant.  

Customized packages can be tailored to meet each customers production schedule.  

Every system and every site is unique. The one constant factor is Nutro’s commitment of experienced staff to this vital step.  


Start up is an essential step in supplying a turnkey system. Nutro Preforms a complete start up service for every system it manufactures. 
Start up is performed by a Nutro engineer or team of engineers and technicians. Frequently, a complete support team includes other equipment providers as well as the paint and pre-treatment chemical suppliers. 

While there are several identifiable steps to a start- up process, Nutro will work with a new system until it is performing to the customers specification and satisfaction.  

The Start up process is as follows:  

  • Checking out the installation 
  • An automatic dry run 
  • A full Run- off with parts 
  • System training & Documentation 


Nutro Provides training with every system it manufactures. The duration and extent of that training is negotiated in the sales phase. No matter the length of training Nutro ensures the operators are thoroughly trained to bring the system to full performance as soon as possible. Most of the support is in the form of on-the-job training, with occasional classroom sessions for large groups or complex systems. If necessary Nutro engineers will train in multiple shifts in a series of around the clock sessions.  

Once the operators are trained, engineers and maintenance staff are given a thorough review of all systems and the service requirements for each. Proper maintenance is critical; without it, the finishing system can’t continue to perform to customer specifications.  

In addition to these four crucial phases, Nutro supplies the customer with comprehensive documentation, including:  

  • Complete sets of electrical and mechanical assembly drawings 
  • Complete sets of operator manuals 
  • Ladder logic diagrams for the PLC software 
  • Recommended spare parts list 
  • Maintenance schedules and procedures