Aluminum and Steel Wheels

Aluminum wheels have perhaps the highest visibility of any part of the car except the body finish. With hues ranging from a simple clear coat to flamboyant body colors and bright metallics, even the slightest imperfection triggers an automatic and expensive quality rejection.

Nutro Wheel Coating Lines monitor the operating parameters of each individual process in real time. If a wheel is rejected, the customer can examine the collected process data and take corrective action.

Nutro, with extensive research and detailed planning have enabled the wheel manufacturer to demonstrate the capability of monitoring and controlling quality to the rigid specifications of its customers.

Nutro exceeds customer expectations and does it at a cost that generates profits for the supplier.

Nutro Turnkey Systems Include:

  • Multi- Stage washers and pretreatment units removing dirt, oils, etching of the aluminum surface
  • Chain On Edge Conveyor for each stage of powder coat and curing oven, transfers to and from the PVD process
  • Multi powder booth system for the application of prime, base, and clear coats
  • Gas fired convection ovens for individual process
  • Robotic material handling for load/unload as well as transfer from one stage to next
  • Electrical controls that manage each operation on the line and record real- time operating parameters.

Why Customers Select Us:

  • Over 40+ Lines installed
  • Complete Turnkey System from Pre-treat to Clearcoat
  • Nutro Chain On Edge lines paint 300 aluminum wheels per hour with color and clear coat
  • Nutro systems apply and cure powder base coats for PVD metallic top layer at 120 aluminum wheel per hour
  • Complete system designed , programmed, and built in house