Industrial Ovens by nutro


Drying ovens: professional solutions for any application


Nutro Inc offers a wide variety of pre heat, cure, and flash off ovens. All our ovens are designed, built, and tested In-house to remain true to our quality standard. We manufacture gas, electric, UV, and IR ovens, with a low cost and flexible footprint in mind. Nutro ovens are able to accommodate many conveyor types including Chain-On Edge, overhead, roller (CDLR), belt, over under, and more. All ovens are equipped with recipe driven controls and are customized for your product need. 

Oven Type Advantages:

Convection Oven

  • Temperature uniformity
  • Tolerant of any part sizes/shapes
  • Easy control method
  • Cheaper form of energy
  • Can be built to large scale

Dual Zone Convection

  • Less floor space and W-I-P
  • Fast heating rate
  • Zone control possible
  • Better Finish Quality
  • Flexibility
convection oven

Dry Off Ovens

  • Dry parts after Wash cycle
  • Ensure part is up to temp before powder/ Wet spray coating
  • Lower temperature capabilities
  • Can be gas, IR, or combination
Drying oven

Electric IR

  • Fast heating rate
  • Quiet air movement
  • Less floor space and W-I-P
  • Fast response to input changes
  • Zone control possible
Electric IR

UV Ovens

  • Instant cure
  • Less floor space
  • Faster line speeds
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Substrate not heated
UV Oven

Years of experience under one roof

Nutro Inc. has manufactured custom ovens for decades. All our ovens offer a variety of circulating air with the goal of removing moisture and solvent, gently drying the coating from the paint process, and heating up part material to the desired temperature. Our ovens are suitable for a wide range of products including glass, wood, metal, plastics, and many more. The robust design and high capacity of our ovens allows you to integrate them into any production process. If you are interested in an Industrial oven, Nutro’s knowledgeable employees will be happy to advise you on what oven will best fit your process.

If you are interested in any of the above listed industrial ovens, please contact us.