System solutions for Pipe coating

Nutro is committed to providing each customer with the best pipe coating technology that fits their needs. For some, water-based paints for others solvent based coatings, and now the latest generation of virtually instant curing UV technology.

Nutro’s keys to a successful pipe coating line are as follows: Environmentally “Green” technology, “fast drying” dry to touch as pipe and tube exit, reclaim of over-sprayed material to save on coating, compact size, robust cost effective finishing solution, and ideal for color changes.

Compact Washer
Nutro manufactures space saving high pressure pre-treatment washers. Single or multiple stage. Automatic height adjustment for various pipe sizes. 

Air Blow Off
Concentrated air knives blow excess water off of pipe prior to the finishing process.

Pre heat
In line induction coil provides quick temperature change without the wait. Low profile space saving design. 

Coolac Spray Booth
How it works, typical waterborne paints contain 30-50% solids and 3-15% solvents. The balance is water. Evaporation begins with the water, so the first step is to control the spray environment by keeping the relative humidity between 50-60%; the next step is to maintain the temperature of all booth surfaces that are exposed to overspray below the dew point temperature of the booth air. Water vapor condenses on the surfaces, providing a barrier to the paint. Accumulated overspray runs down to collection points. The accumulated overspray can often be mixed in with the original paint supply without additional processing. As a rule of thumb, you can capture and recycle 60% of the overspray.

Post cure
Nutro provides different curing options depending on the customers’ needs. Typically Nutro utilizes induction post cure option for its space saving quick temperature ramp up capabilities.