Nutro Inc. Project Coordinating

Reliable, Long- lasting systems don’t just happen. It takes a well -engineered process developed though years of experience to provide the peace-of-mind that customers value in their systems provider. Nutro has developed a proven process for determining needs and applying the best available technology for each application. We have a proven track record for designing and building a finishing system that meets each customers unique specifications.  

We will pre-assemble and test the system, then dismantle it, ship it to your site, install and test it, then train your staff in operation and maintenance. Nutro can even provide long term support: preventative maintenance, parts inventory, and regular upgrades. We have even
dismantled aging systems, brought them to our plant and rebuilt them to meet new production standards.  

Our customers want systems that do their job reliably, last as long as the line is in operation, and provide a finish that meets increasingly rigorous quality standards. That’s our job, and we’ve developed a system to do it right. Our project coordinators have years of experience in finishing and
material handling systems and are excited to work with customers to deliver them a robust, cost effective machine.  

Project coordinating Milestones

Order Acknowledgement 

Once the sales team and customer have agreed upon the system and have a purchase order in place a project coordinator will be appointed. The project coordinator will review the proposed system in detail and send the customer an order acknowledgement to confirm the start of the project. 

Site Survey 

If necessary, the project coordinator will visit the site where the system will be delivered to review installation requirements and to determine final details with the customer.  

Process Verification 

The new (or proven) system concept will be reviewed in detail with the customer to be sure all unique requirements will be met.   

Approval Drawings 

The engineering team will design the system and provide detailed approval drawings at an agreed upon timeframe.  The customer and project coordinator will review the drawings together and make any necessary modifications before fabrication.  

System Pre- Assembly 

Once Fabricated, the system will be pre- assembled at Nutro. This enables Nutro engineers to troubleshoot the machine and ensures a seamless installation later in the process.  

System Runoff and Acceptance 

Once the system is pre-assembled, the project coordinator will invite the customer to Nutro to hold a runoff to demonstrate the systems capabilities. Once the customer is satisfied with the systems performance it is accepted and ready to ship.  

Detailed Project Scheduling 

Nutro Inc project coordinators work directly with the customer to give them a detailed project schedule. This guarantees all project milestones are met on time.